Robert California

Gun Control

Gun violence in the United States is out of control!

Dear President,

First, I want to talk about gun control because in my opinion I feel like guns in the U.S. have gotten out of control. Now the Unites States has a lot of citizens that do not have a license for the right to own a gun. The United States now in 2016 has more guns than the population in the U.S. It is a big problem because we have about 86% of juveniles that have been in juvenile detention because they got caught with possession of a gun. Therefore, guns in the U.S. should not be sold to minorities or anyone that does not have a reason of owning a gun because, it is not right for people to be roaming the streets with deadly weapons and causing trouble and it is not fair for the people that are walking the streets minding their own business and end up getting shot. Also, I believe that the government is making excuses on gun control for example, they say that the problem of guns will always be a problem. I agree but at the same time if they did something about it and have less gun stores and more knowledge on juveniles everything can be different but, no one can really stop people from shooting a gun or buying one from the street. I just want to say that there is always a solution and taking guns out from more stores and make less guns in factories can always reduce the population of guns and people would be less likely to own a gun and that there will be more gun control as a result.