Graham S. Michigan

Full Auto Firearms Ban

In this paper I talk about how Full Auto firearms need to be banned for non military use in America.

Dear Future President

Hello, my name is Graham and I am a 14 year old student in Grand Rapids Michigan. I am writing to tell you about how Americans need to ban the usage/ownership of fully-automatic weapons to everyone but military. The difference between a fully automatic and a semi automatic firearm is that a fully automatic firearm can fire 13.3 rounds a second when the operation just holds down the trigger. A semi auto firearm can only shoot as fast as the operator can pull the trigger. The 2nd Amendment says that we have the right to bear arms, and a lot of citizens own firearms as home/self defense. But i’m confident that fully automatic firearms need to be banned from the citizens of America.

Andrew Owens from the Huffington Post insists that Americans shouldn’t be able to own full auto firearms. “Americans don’t need fully automatic firearms to protect themselves” Claims Andrew “But taking away all of the firearms wouldn't be a good idea.” Banning full auto firearms from citizens could lessen the effects of shootings, if someone got a hold of a full auto rifle and decided to go into public and start to shoot people the death and injury toll would be significantly more than if they were using a semi automatic firearm.

Americans don't need fully automatic guns for hunting so why would they need fully automatic weapons for recreational use. If hunters wanted to practice shooting guns then they would use the guns that they would be hunting with and not fully automatic guns so why have them. Hunting is kept to semi automatic rifles and shotguns, if you used or wanted to hunt with anything else. If we got rid of fully automatic rifles it wouldn’t affect the current hunting laws or the hunters in their sport.

Fully automatic weapons need to be banned to american citizens. To me I think that when you own a gun you feel safer at home than if you didn't have a gun. Additionally I also think that if someone broke into your house, and you pointed a firearms at them. They would stop and do what you said, no matter what type of gun you were armed with. So in a way you don't need an automatic firearm for home protection. Fully automatic firearms need to be banned from the citizens of America.