Felicity J California

Racism With Our Country

When is the hatred going to stop

Dear future president,

My name is Felicity Jones and I am a 17 year old African American femaIe and I am a currently a senior in high school. I am writing to you because as the future leader of this country I feel that you should make an effort into ending racism.

Almost 20 years ago, our country wasn't perfect, but it wasn't as out of control like it is today. Of course racism was still present back then but it certainly wasn't as out of control like it is today. For example police brutality, it used to be just black men that would be killed but now the police are shooting black men, women and children and it saddens me and me me scared for me and my family's security. It is not acceptable that we as black people have to live in fear everyday of our lives because we are afraid that a police officer will racially profile us and then murder us because we looked "suspicious". I'm tired of the first thing popping up when I go on any of my social media platforms is either a video or link to an article with the headline “Unarmed black person shot by police officers”.

Putting cameras on the officers obviously hasn't helped the situation and has somewhat encouraged it because the officers have figured out that there aren't any real serious consequences behind their actions of killing an initial want human beings. I propose that the officers who feel as if they can use their authorities for the wrong reasons, be treated like any other citizen and be incarcerated because of they aren't and they're continuously let off, it'll be like they're being rewarded for their actions.


Felicity Jones