Alex W. California

Climate change

What we do about climate change will determine the future of the people of this earth.

Dear future president, 

        My name is Alex. I'm a sophomore at Berkeley High School. An issue that concerns me is climate change. This issue is important to me, because we need a world to live on to be able to fight for and preserve  justice, peace, liberty, freedom and equality.

        With climate change, we lose resources and land. We lose many resources from the sea as the ocean becomes more acidic and toxic. As the sea level rises (from the melting of the polar ice caps) water will encroach on every land mass and will eventually take billions of lives and homes.

        We cannot wait for climate change to swallow our earth whole. There needs to be more bridges built between the countries and people of the world, so we can be able to work together to find solutions to climate change. These bridges once created can be used to create a more peaceful and safe world.

       I wish you the best, and hope you guide this country into a bright future of justice, peace, liberty, freedom and equality.

warm regards,