Felix Florida

Homeless People in Downtown Miami

There are many homeless people who live in the downtown area of Miami. Instead of ignoring them we should find a way to give them purpose. This will help strengthen the homeless people and the community as a whole.

Dear Future President of the United States of America, 

    My name is Felix Rosario and I am a resident of Miami, Florida. I am writing to address the terrible conditions that many homeless people find themselves in. Here in Miami, a popular place for young people to hang out is the Downtown area, there are countless restaurants and centers for concerts, operas and other live performances, including the American Airlines Arena where the Miami Heat play basketball. However, among all the lights and fun, there is a darkness and sadness that eclipses the joy. When you walk down the streets of Downtown and look at all these people living on the street begging for food and money all day in the sweltering heat, and covering themselves with dirty, ragged blankets during the night, you can't help but feel a great sadness in your heart. Although there have been initiatives to help the homeless before, we should try harder to help them better themselves. Some ways we could do this is by allowing them to participate in community service activities and repaying them with shelter and food. I know that these shelters won't appear out of nowhere and that funding will be a problem, but a good cause is worth consideration in my opinion. Once people see that the government really cares for it's citizens, they will come together. Today, there is lots of chaos because of the tension with police and terrorism, we need unity now more than ever and this is a good way to get that. 

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