JOE T. Minnesota


Freedom is for everyone

Dear Trump,

Although many people do not agree with you as being president, you need to fulfill the needs of all Americans and every citizen of the US. WE have put enough trust in you to lead this country the right way it needs to be led. Everyone deserves a chance for freedom and the right to be an American Citizen. Freedom is a huge thing that is a problem in our country, and we need a strong leader who will be both fair, but also discrete on what the laws on freedom are and how to keep your freedom without someone or something taking it away from you. Freedom is one thing every American should be given and not have it be able to have it taken away from them unless a serious enough crime is committed or circumstances are met. Race, gender, age, and money intake should not be in play when it comes to freedom, everyone shall be treated equally and that doesn’t happen very often in todays world. WE need you to make America Great again and get freedom for everyone even if that isn’t in your plan.