Christine L. Georgia

Win-Win Change For College

Many U.S citizens can't go to college, but why?

Dear Future President,

As a US citizen, you have the privilege to attend college for you to achieve your goals and dreams. You had gone to an University of some type because you had the education and the money. You had enrolled and finished while some citizens may choose not to. But it's not completely their fault! Most common reason why they don’t attend is because of college tuition.

Students can’t pay the tuition and end up either dropping out or not go at all. This will leave the student with limited jobs and careers, which may bring the economy down. According to ThinkAdvisor, 83% of Americans say that they didn;t go to college because of high cost of tuition. Most college drops states that the reason why they dropped out is because of financial stress from tuitions and more.

You may tell me “well, duh that's why the government made students loans.’’ Yes, I was aware of this but when a student borrows money by using loans. That means that they have to pay at some point, which leaves students with a money crippling future. Say a graduated student has a family and is in debt. As the parent you have to support your family but not only that but they also pay bills and more. So which one do you do pay first? Of course the bills and family. So then where's the money to pay the tuition? There is none!

In order for future students and present students to able to attend college without risking their future. We should lower the prices. For example, public colleges should be reduced by 30% to 35% and for private colleges should reduced by 20% to 25%. If not then the middle or lower families who earn less than $70,354 should get a “discount” get into college for free on the 1 and/or 2 years and if the student is doing financially well then the student can at least pay 50% of the tuition.

Overall, there is many american students who can’t afford or even drop out of college because of money. As a united country, we should try and help our people but this is only my idea. What will you do to help?

Thank you for your consideration,

Christine L.