Fayth.C California

Having less time in school

Too much education can take time away from other things

Dear Future President,

     Hello future president, this is what I want to address and inform you to do for us. When you become President, I think that you should let us have less time in school, either the days or the hours. I know  you are already thinking, what kind of idea is that?,  you should be in school and that students need the time for education. However, I am going to explain why we should have less time in school . The reasons why is because I myself and maybe other students, we get tired in school staying there for at least 7 hours, staying up late working on homework, and not getting enough sleep.

      I am not trying to say that we should not go to school. I am saying that staying at school for this long is too tiring for us. You should cut it to less hours or cut the days in school in the week. Don't you think that staying 7 hours in school is too much? I think I do and maybe others also. It's likes saying you have to stay at work for the whole day and just work and work. You come home aren't people tired when they come home from work? This how we students feel everyday. How do we even remember all the stuff that we learn during the 7 hours process. So this is why I think that we should cut down with the hours is in school.

     Not only to stay at school for at least 7 hours,  we have homework on top of that. Having homework feels like another hour in school because we have a ton of homework to do and that takes time to do. By the time we are done with homework we have barely time for ourselves. You are probably saying don't you have time on the weekends to hangout with friends and family. Well to be honest we don't have time. The reason for that is because teachers gives us on the weekends also.  What is the point when teachers say have a nice weekend? When you have to do homework, project or study for a test, that following day. 

     Because of having too many hours in school and having homework we are so tired we don't have enough time to sleep. When we don't have enough sleep we either run late the next day in class or we fall asleep in the class which is really bad for us. Because were not getting the information that we need to know to learn. Teachers always get angry with us saying why are you falling asleep in my class? The reason for that is because we didn't have enough sleep and because you teachers gave us to much homework.

     Future President, can you please do this for us? If you do this, it will make our lives so much easier. Not only that but we can stay healthy not stressing out with school. This is why I think we should have less time in school and on homework.