Tomas M. California

The Fight for Better Education

There needs to be better education in America for it is the generation of the future. Without good education, our country could go no where.

Dear President of The United States:

America needs to provide everyone with good education. The youth is the backbone of the country for they are the generations of the future. After all, how can we “Make America Great Again” if we can’t provide knowledge to our future generations. Throughout this letter I will be convincing you why the president must prioritize good education.

Everyone deserves a good education because it teaches people about them and the world around them, and will help train children how to navigate through the world and be successful.

To begin with, people need to be taught about the world around them because it helps make sense of a majority of things. For example, in history you learn about the past and when everything took place. This will help a students understand why everything is what it is like today. Another example is in science. Everything involves science. Without the knowledge of science most successful inventions wouldn’t even exist.

Next, a good education is deserved because it will help children navigate through the world and be successful. From my personal experiences, I’m currently in Spanish class. I know some day this will come very useful when I encounter someone who can only speak Spanish. The same goes for any other language. According to Kavya Vidyarthi, school develops perseverance. Also, it will make you earn a living for yourself.(Vidyarthi)

People might say school does not properly educate you because the teaching methods are wrong.People who say this are wrong. It all depends on the student. The student must incorporate all the things he/she learned into school into their lives and future.

In conclusion, education is very important. It teaches about everything around you, and how to navigate around the world. Without good education America could go no where in attempting to make advancements in technology.

Thank you

Vidyarthi, Kavya. “Top 15 Reasons Why Education is Extremely Important.” List Surge. N.p. Nov. 6 2016