Rene California


My letter on why not all Mexican immigrants are bad why most of them shouldn't be deported.

Dear Future President,

            Many Mexican immigrants are not bad , when they come to the United States they look for a new life and opportunity.They come for the "American Dream" for a new life , they come to go to school or to look for jobs to become successful in life.Many  immigrants come to the United States and get a job  waking up in the early morning before the sun is up and coming home when the sun is setting.Many kids have to worry when they go to school that there parents will be caught by the immigration. Families are broken apart and are ruined by the immigration.When Mexican immigrants come to the United States they do not come to commit harm , and many don't. President Obama has deported more than 2.5 million immigrants.Trump says he wants to deport every undocumented immigrant and send them back to Mexico which is bad because he thinks all are bad and that is not true.Clinton says she will embrace immigrants but she once said she doesn't like Mexican immigrants.In my opinion coming from a Mexican family many Mexican immigrants come to the U.S for a new life and not to come and cause harm , But that is not the way many people see it.They come for jobs and to make life better for themselves and for their kids.