Marcus G. California

Dear President,

I believe the legalization of marijuana recreationally for certain ages can save many lives and help many people.

 Marijuana is a beneficial tool for medical uses and has proved to improve the lives of others that suffer from illnesses. Marijuana has also proven, with the tax enacted on, that it can create a better community using the revenue of the tax on marijuana to help build better roads and improve on school structures. 

Alcohol and cigarettes are more dangerous than marijuana. The culture of marijuana can be the same as the culture of liquor in the sense that marijuana can be used only on weekends, parties, or when it has been a long day of work, and instead of drinking a beer, you can let off some stress. Drunk driving is a common problem in today's society and smoking and driving is the same thing and should not be done, but the effects of marijuana is very different than the effects of alcohol and some may be more in control of their body. Marijuana is a beneficial means of recreation that can only make a community better, decrease illegal trade, and create a new and safer way to have fun. 


Marcus Garcia