thomas h. Kentucky

the political debates

why I think Hillary is better than Donald Trump because, he can rude in different ways.

      Cha-ching this is what Donald Trump really cares about ,he hasn't even payed his taxes and it's not fair for others who doesn't have a lot of money.If he becomes president he's going to try and kick immigrants out of the country because of there race.Also,for poor people he's not going to help out with healthcare and it would be harder cause if they get sick theres nothing they could do.To me he reminds me of a bully, because he says mean things to nice people beacause of what they look like.I don't think he will help gun safety because he barely talks about it. I think hillary should be president because she's going to help poor people with healthcare and shes going to let all immigrants come even if they have a good or bad record.Hillary Clinton said she believes in second chances and I do too.Also, she said she's going to make it where you make 15 dollars an hour if you work an regular job,and that's something easy to survive on.I think she has more experience than Donald Trump because if she's president she's ready for attacks. Her husband was president and he's teaching her things for war and how she should use her temperament. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was born with a wealthy family and that's something that everyone doesn't get.Hillary said she is prepared for ISIS and she makes me feel confident about the country. She doesn't care about marriage equality and some people like it.Also she's trying to fix where all kids are dieing because parents don't keep guns far away from where they can get it and hurts themselves its decreasing the population.Also Donald trumps doesn't have any experience and he might panic if something goes wrong.I don't think he'll make any better laws for gun control and that's something we really need. They should have better laws on guns because, theres been a lot of killing each other because of racial problems.People shouldn't do it anymore because it's making our country look weaker and that makes us a target for other country's.Who ever becomes the next president should know that why should we be a country if were arguing with each other over things that don't relate to helping the country.Why I like Hillary is because she's trying to help the government and make sure no ones getting to powerful and just trying to do her job. These are the main reasons why I like Hillary Clinton even though she's a women I will always respect her and I give her good luck and I hope she wins.Even if she doesn't win I hope the counrtys happy for whoever wins.