Parker H. Missouri

The Cost of Living and Minimum Wage

Every year the cost of living in the United States increases every year. And Minimum wage should not be controlled by State and Local governments.

November 8th, 2016 (Election day!)

Dear Mr. Trump or Secretary Clinton, 

                   One of the moderate problems inside of the United States is the cost of living. It seems to go up little by little every year, just about 2 percent, but it really does add up. For example, a married couple with one child is 56ish thousand dollars. Which sometimes, is a lot. Depending on their jobs. It just seems ludicrous that there is technically a cost of living, you know?

                    I understand that you would buy things, pay bills, or medical care,  But some other countries or people living off the grid, can live on a dollar a day! Enough about that. Another thing, Minimum wage. I do not believe it is right that some states have a higher wage than others, like Washington's MINIMUM is 15 dollars! While Georgia or Wyoming's wage is 5.15 dollars. That's 2 dollars less than the Federal standard.  

                 It would be correct to assume that these states live in poverty because they cannot provide for themselves based on this. Food Stamps or EBT may solve this not for everyone. Throwing many people into starvation. I, myself, think that the Federal wage should be changed to a figure that every one of the states can agree on, and NOT be controlled by state and city government systems.     

Thank you. 

Bode Middle School

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