jalen w. Louisiana


There are many places all over the world that are in poverty and we can't over look this issue. We need to all join together and address this problem.

There are many places all over the world that are suffering the effects poverty. Most people think just because our country is one of the richest countries that we can just ignore this issue. Everyone needs to be account for and come together and adress this issue because poverty is spreading in our country and it has a huge effect on our people. Our country has enough problems to deal with and poverty shouldn't be one. We need to help those that are suffering poverty.

Poverty is wearing down our country. Understanding the effects of poverty is important because it can led us to solving out our problems with poverty.  Those they are in poverty or forced to make harsh decisions that they might not like. Some can't decide if they want to pay rent or buy food for their selves. Some people in poverty start to comit crimes and they are put in jail and have better lives in jail then they do when there free. 

My home town is rank 4th in Louisiana top 10 for poverty. I know that it hard to face poverty and see others who are struggling with poverty. My town is very small and many people do whatever to try and get back up on there feet. So many kids are roaming around looking for trouble and parents don't really care because they are at home just sitting around all day. It's just sad to drive around and look at out town suffer. So Mrs. or Mr. president may you please adress the poverty issue in our country.