Abortion is not good for America Louisiana

Abortion is not good for America

Abortion in America is not good at all, it's taking away the child's life. No one should take someone's life away from them like that. God said "thou shalt not kill". There is no more innocent life than that of a baby.

Dear future President

  Abortion is not something to take lightly, it's something that has to be stopped. I think that abortion should be illegal. We have said that killing a Bald Eagle is illegal, but killing a baby is legal. At what point have we put an animals life above a human baby's? With abortion we are giving the mother a choice, but what about the baby? We don't consider the baby's future at all, this is why abortion has to stop, why it should be illegal. I know what your thinking, "But what if you were raped, or you got pregnant and realized you didn't want the baby at the last second?" Well, when you are raped you need comfort and compassion, but compassion and comfort does not mean killing a women's child. One tragedy should not be met with another tragedy, and we do not erase a rape by killing a baby. The death of an innocent life should not have to be payment for someone's transgressions.

  Some people believe that an abortion is the easy answer to a problem, it's not. In one year in the U.S. there have been 1.1 million abortions, and nearly 1 in 4 (22%) of pregnancies have ended in abortion. Sad, isn't it? Now, research shows that nearly 50% of women seeking abortion have had at least one previous abortion already. Pro-life, Pro-choice, people have always had an opinion on the subject, and some people are willing to get violent with those who don't agree with them. Making abortions legal was the worst mistake that we have made. We had given the "OK" to killing a baby since the mother didn't want the child. We should make it illegal so the babies actually have a life and a chance to live in this world.

  Abortion is wrong and should be made illegal because the baby needs and should have a chance in this world, whether the mother wants him/her or not they should be given a chance. God had said "Thou shalt not kill", that meaning any human being including a baby. We think about the mothers choice and whether or not she wants to have an abortion, but do we ever take into consideration the baby's thoughts on the subject? No, we don't, and he/she is being killed because of it. Think of the children who have already died as you have taken the time to read this letter.


Hannah Mize

Delta Charter School

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