Anh P. California

The numbers of Homeless is increasing

We must do something to prevent the number of homeless that is increasing.

Dear future president,

I think we need to talk about this issue, because this problem is very serious. I thought that this country was the best and it’s a dream of lots of people. But when I stepped in this country, there are homeless everywhere. I've not know why and how, I just though that people don't want to stay in a home with the rules, they need freedom. Now, I figured it out that the old president was too kind of rich, people need money, he gave them money, people need houses, he gave them houses. Then, people think why they need to work when they could take whatever they want from the white house. people became lazy. All they need are a board and the nice place to sit, that's it. 

I tell you - the new president of the U.S. - this because I very need you to do something to prevent this issue. Thank you very much and congratulation, hope you will do well at this period. The Americans people believe you.