Charlotte T. California

College Tuition

College Tuition affects every family in the United States.

Dear Future President,

College Tuition affects every family in the United States. Since tuition is such an important topic, it comes down to you future president, to make the change this country desperately needs, by allowing our middle and lower class families to be able to get the education they deserve. Citizens of America are scraping money together by taking from their retirement and the money they need to live on, just to allow their kids to go to college. Some students have to deny all of their hard work, and let go of the chance of a higher education due to their financial situations. Is this the type of world you want families living in future president?

I have personally met students my age who are overachievers; they get over 4.0s, lead clubs, play sports, volunteer, and more, but are denied the fact of a higher education because their family is unable to afford the colleges they get into. I’ve seen students break down into tears because of the realization that all of their dedication for the past 12 years was for nothing. In our society all children are taught to reach for at least a 4 year degree, so many work hard to reach that goal, and the only thing holding them back is the money.

The government expects us, the people, to pay for our textbooks, food, dorms, classes, and much more while also having enough money to make the rent at home. In my opinion this seems like the government is setting up families for failure. But why is it that college payments have risen the most only in the past few decades? Why is it that community college used to be free, but isn’t anymore? Why is it that our government is paying more for the criminals in our country then our future leaders?

According to the New York Times, college tuition has tripled since 1974. This is forcing more students to stop education after the highschool level. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average bill for colleges is 50,000, but are seen to be spending about 100,000 a year on education. This means colleges are spending more than they’re receiving. Some colleges become greedy and force students to graduate in five or six years to make them pay more tuition. In America we need a system that actually wants student to get the best education, for the least amount of money.

When looking at other countries, the expectation is that you won’t have to spend all your life savings on college, so why is that the case here? Both the U.S and the U.K are two of the top countries that push for higher education and provide some of the best institutes and resources for their students. But when looking at the cost, in the U.K. you are only expected to pay on average $14,300 per year for a college education. For the U.S, costs go from about $29,000 or for some private colleges about $50,000. In addition, it takes about one more year to finish your education in the U.S. compared to the U.K.

Overall, the price for an education is outrageous and unreasonable. Colleges are greedy for peoples money and can pay no attention to the fact that the children working hard are being denied a brighter future because their families income is not enough. That’s why Americans are calling to you, future president, to finally make a change in this on going crisis. You are the only one that can give so many the opportunity to become a future innovator and leader. In the end educated populations tend to be healthier, more stable, and more involved politically and socially. Just think about it future president.