Angel G. Alabama


My letter is on the issue of Abortion it will go in depth of how people views are different and how I believe it this issue needs to be address where abortion is outlawed

Dear Future President,

I want to bring to your attention an issue which for which I have strong feelings, abortion. Our government uses Federal taxpayers’ money to support this issue. Abortion allows a pregnant woman the constitutional right to terminate her pregnancy. This right, as it currently stands, can be made as late as her 28th week and can be carried out through medication or medical procedures.

Those who support this right do so because of their belief that women have autonomy over their bodies; however, those who support this right, like our government, also restrict these same women from selling their bodies in prostitution. This is the pinnacle of hypocrisy.

I would ask you to consider all medical reports not those slanted through bias towards this industry and practice. Technology, such as 4-D imaging, is convincing many that what has been called a fetus is truly a human being. During World War II, Nazis believed Jews were not human and this led them to murder 6 million Jews in concentration camps. I know that you consider Hitler’s acts to be egregious, but do not lose sight that our government has sanctioned 9 times that many deaths since 1973.

I believe you to be a president who stands for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If this is who you are, then stand for those who have no voice. Stand for the unborn so that they one day may stand for themselves and others.


A Voice for Angels

Oxford High School

4th Period

11th grade Honors English

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