Jazz L. Wisconsin

College Tuition

College tuition should be lowered so students can afford it.

Dear Future President,

High college tuition is an issue everywhere. More than Seven in 10 recent four-year college graduates have student loan debt. So whoever our president is, I think that most people should be able to get into college so if you could help smart but not so fortunate people can get into college? One of the main reasons that I would like you to lower the cost of college tuition is...getting married, purchasing/renting a house, and paying for retirement are all getting delayed for the hard working college graduates because they still have to pay out college loans/debt. Another reason college tuition should be lowered is that some people are not as fortunate to be able to afford/cover the expenses of tuition or a loan even if their children worked hard for a scholarship. One last reason why you should lower college tuition is because $28.950 was an average debt for the 2015 million college students in that year. When you were voted president you probably chose what your priorities are. College tuition should be one of your priorities because think of your children and grandchildren they could be a straight A/4.0 student and tuition could be so high that you never know who will get in anymore.