Bryce M. Wisconsin


Dear Future President, Your life, my life, and future generations depend on a clean and safe environment to live in. I ask that as president you fund cleaning up oceans and monitoring pollution. My first reason is that many oceans and rivers are being polluted by trash and other items in them. We need to clean the oceans and rivers up. If we do not clean them , water will be poisoned and will not be able to drink or use. That will lead to villages and cities wiped out. Another reason is that we should find a cleaner reliable fuel and energy source. If we keep on burning fossil fuels the air will get polluted which will kill trees and plants, killing wildlife that we need to survive. If you can take action, then you will have saved the plants , and animals and people. My personal opinion is that we should stop using fossil fuels because if we keep on using them the air will be polluted and all the trash in the water will be ruined as well. If we do not have clean water and air, the plants will die, causing animals to die , causing people to die. Overall if you the future President can create clean up and make stricter laws with trash, and also find a better fuel and energy source, then America will be saved along with the whole world. From, Bryce M