Linh T. California

Education Funding

Today I want to tell you something about Education Funding.

Dear Madam/Mr. President in the future,

The government spends billions of dollars each year on a variety of programs. While all of these programs have a need for these funds, there is one area in particular that is not getting the amount of funds needed to succeed in its very important and nationwide mission. More funds need to be administered towards education in order to improve the public school experience.

The first area of the spending is students. As a student, I have seen the effects of a lack of funding first hand. A large part of student success is the availability of information and opportunities. In our world today, this is provided through technology. The amount of technology provided for students to learn is directly proportional to the success of the students. According to US News, $68 million are spent by our government on education in one year. This may seem like a prodigious amount, but if you consider the fact that there are 50.4 million students enrolled in public schools, 3.1 million full time teachers, and numerous amounts of substitute teachers, administrators, and other district employees, the funding issue really comes into view. After paying the salaries of the employees, which by the way is less than it should be, little money is left for students. This lack of funding results in less opportunities for students.

In conclusion, it is evident that a larger focus needs to be had on education. Education should be a priority of our government, and more money should be granted toward schools.


Linh D.