Indigo California

Post-Factualism Needs to Stop

When will America wake up?

Dear Future President,

I am a high school senior, and an issue that has hounded my rationality is our age of post-factualism. In today's world, facts seem to have less meaning than emotion. In consequence it is paramount for you, a leader of our people, to wake our citizens up to the truth. The people today hop onto trends, or rally to emotional stories, blissfully forgetting to look for the facts. From posts on social media without basis , to news stories that are so focused on selling their product one could mistake them for the Onion, we need to open our eyes. In our era of globalization, easy connections through the internet, and more technological progress than ever before, we must be able to discern the truth. I believe this task is not an easy one. People will fight to live in bliss and corporations will enforce their twisted rights because it will not benefit their profit, but truth must be at the forefront of our thoughts for us to survive. Without it, our progress will only back-peddle. We will forget our goals, and fall down for we are only united by fragile lies. Issues will expand, and arguments will multiply, all because the facts are overlooked. I beg you, our leader, to reflect upon your actions, and enforce the truth before everything else. You must set an example to your people that to move forward we must acknowledge the truth. To move forward, we must build a strong foundation upon the bedrock truth, not upon a swamp of lies. I expect you to take this into consideration with your actions, and show our nation to be factual by your behavior, and your decisions.

Indigo Basile