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In summary race and gender pay equality is something that must change and be implemented into our society, for years this has been an issue and has impacted millions of people in our country. The year 1441-1865 was the years that slavery was used and accepted globally, this may have been something that we didn't think was a bad thing at the time but it was and it was horrible what our country did to them. Still to this day we have racism and sexist point of views on pay, housing and even just basic respect. I'm not the only one who knows this needs to change and be in effect immediately, its really disappointing to think that even after our country stated that everyone is equal and everyone has their rights yet for hundreds of years its been unequal. Is that the country you really want? Will you make a change? Will you accomplish what people really want?

Dear Future President,                                                                                            

My name is Miles I am a freshmen at Santa Clara High School and my family and friends have been dealing with unfair pay and low income for hard labor jobs. Income for some genders and ethnicity's are unfair and not equal as some for doing the same work. My family for years have struggled with paying for bills for housing, hospital bills, groceries and even clothing. 

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There is a gap between men and women's pay for full time work is $1-79¢ that may not seem like a huge pay hap but in the end it definitely makes a difference. The real issue is that major decision making government officials have spoken about changing this for years yet nothing has happened or changed. It seems like every President from 2001-Present have tried to make a change with pay for families and women but most of the time nothing happens. 

     The pay isn't just and inequality issue for men and women its an issue for families as a whole who need to pay their rent and bills daily to live but don't get the resources or money that they need to live. In my area everything is fairly expensive and the pay isn't fair for the hours that my parents and family work, when some of the "Big Bosses" work for 2 hours and come home with triple of what my parents make. True some might say they earned their position, and that's true yes but the work they did to get there should be half of what they have to do with a higher position especially if they care about their business.

   A personal example is my grandma she has been a hard working women for a very long time and a lot of the times she's struggled with various health issues that at points were life threatening and stopped her from doing some things yet she still went to work and even stayed late at night just to make sure everything was running smoothly in her area. Yet with all of her hard work and time she got laid off from multiple jobs because of her gender and because "She wasn't smart enough or a man." That may sound like something from a movie or a story but that was a legitimate reason for her past four layoff's from work. She has struggled with work and paying rent especially when she was younger because she was a single mother and still is by herself which makes life a lot harder on her and forces her to work past the average retire age. On top of the fact that she has struggled with rent, the rent increases because of her gender and age, since she is elderly and alone the building owners are trying to over price the rent to basically make it so my grandma cannot afford living there and is forced to move out. I may not have it the worst because yes she does have a home and a place to sleep but that doesn't remove the fact that things need to change with affordable housing and better pay for women because the way it is now is horrible.

    Another experience is one of my friend who was African-American and his mother was single and had a new born child to take care of. She was in and out of jobs and losing money for clothing food and housing but she did the best she could to make sure her child was well taken care of, she personally gave up eating some days just so her baby was healthy and fed. She eventually started to manage her money better, much after she started working multiple jobs each and every day. This example still shows that company's and housing authorities have racist and sexist rent fairs, proof of this is she was paying well over $4500 for rent and her neighbors had $2500 for the same housing and in one case even one more bedroom was still cheaper for the other person. This is a disgusting example of racism and sexism and i assure you there are thousands more worse than mine, its not time to build more skyscrapers and useless company's payed for by the government its time to make a change for equal pay, equal rights and a more managed housing authority to make sure there isn't any racist or sexist examples of over payment.

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With Respects, 

Miles P.