Sophia M. Wisconsin

Dear Future President,

Put yourself in these following women's shoes. What if you got raped and didn't want the baby? What if your baby has defects and would suffer being alive? What if you made a mistake, got pregnant, and didn't want the baby? In all of these situations, you would want to get an abortion, but what if you couldn't because it was illegal? These scenarios, and other examples like these, are valid reasons why abortions should be legal.

I believe one valid reason why women should be able to get abortions is if they are raped and become pregnant. It is not fair that getting abortions are illegal because they did not plan on becoming pregnant due to rape. If the women who get raped can't have abortions, their child could bring back bad memories of the rapist and potentially scar the mother, which isn't fair.

Another valid reason to get an abortion is if the child has life threatening defects. Technology these days can show if a baby has defects inside the mother's belly. If the baby does have defects that could make it suffer after being born, abortion should be an option to the parents. About 6% of abortions happen because of knowledge about life threatening defects, and this number will only keep growing as new technology is made.

Lastly, mistakes and not being ready can be a valid reason for an abortion. Teenagers especially make mistakes, but it is their job. The government can't take away their rights to get abortions because everyone makes mistakes, and they should have the chance to make up for that mistake. If they would have a child, their life would completely change, and not always for the better. If a teenager gets pregnant, they might not be ready, and that can lead to the child not being in a good environment. You can't expect say an immature fourteen year old to get pregnant and care for a child, can you?

Overall, women have valid reasons to get abortions. Taking away their rights to get abortions would not be fair to them or potentially to the child. So, next time you think about taking away women's rights to get abortions, think about the evidence above.


Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sophia M.

De Pere Middle School

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