emetlevy California

The Environment ( Our impending doom )

How will you, the future president, address our dire environmental predicament?

Dear Mr/Mrs Future President, I am taking the time out of my tragically busy life as a highs cool senior undergoing a government class during this laughable election season to ask a very simple yet very broad question, How do you plan on addressing the overwhelming problems that we face concerning our decaying ecosystem. Because of both of your other more notable concerns and fallacies you seem to have overlooked the most important and all encompassing problem, the environment. As our supposed leader, I urge you to use these trying times to unite nations against a common enemy, our own self destructive ways,  rather than working on such a massive problem in a secluded corner of your new fabulously white house. Now is the time to be a true changer of the tides and begin to combat our nonchalant attitudes toward such an imminent problem. 


 Emet Levy