Ankush B. California

Taxes and where the money goes

This letter is about taxes and where the money goes when we pay our taxes. Enjoy

Dear Donald Trump,

                    I’m Ankush Beri , a student at Quimby Oak Middle school that is attending The Lobo School of Innovation (L.S.I), this letter is to inform you that your our country is falling apart, tens of thousands of people are in a dept .People who work two or maybe even three jobs a day and still are in debt. According to President Obama “the top five things that the government pays for is health care(27.49%), the national defence(23.91%), Jobs and family security with(18.17%), Net interest(9.07%), and the veteran benefits with 5.93%. This quote proves the claim because it states the different types of taxes and what the percentage of money is being spent to help keep that topic alive.

               In the year 2015, the federal government spent over 3.5 trillion dollars and about 21% of that 3.5 trillion, went to the nation’s gross domestic product. This proves my claim because it shows that more money is being spent to the nation's GDP than the nation’s safety management . We as the people, fully aware that many people think that the taxes are the smallest amounts that they have to pay, but the people that are saying that is the billionaires of the country. If you go to a working family ,their taxes are one of the biggest things that they have to pay. So my statement is stronger with the small families rather that work to earn not the billionaires.

                    We all hope that our voices can be heard and that you as the Next President will help us overcome this problem and that you will always remember the importance of being the President Of The United States Of America.

                                                    All the best,   

                                                                Ankush Beri 

Lobo School of Innovation

LSI World Arts

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