Mikaela C. California

How Much Money Would You Pay For A House?

Do you think house prices are absurd in the United States? I do too along with many other people.

Dear Mr. President, 

Although you are probably aware of this but house prices are drastically increasing in the U.S. which is causing multiple problems for people who don't already own a house. Even though my parents already own a house, many of my close friends and family do not and that's why I think this is a very important topic to talk about. 

Fifteen years ago my parents bought their house for 32 hundred thousand dollars which is a lot less then what houses go for nowadays. The price of a house has increased from 32 hundred thousand dollars, to 100 thousand dollars in the past 15 years which is making it a lot more difficult for people nowadays to buy a house. In the past 15 years the price has raised 68 hundred thousand dollars which is crazy. 

Most of my friends and family only have a two bedroom apartment which is very small for a large family. Large families that live in small apartments often find their homes too small and unsafe, which is bad if they have young children living with them. 

It is up to you Mr. President, will you let families live in small and unsafe homes or will you lower housing costs in the United States to make living more affordable?

Sincerely, Mikaela