Roger C. Florida

Tackling Impending Environmental Issues

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The Honorable Future President

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

RE: Tackling Impending Environmental Issues

Dear Future President,

At beginning of the century the world population was around 7 billion. According to the United Nations, by the year 2075, the population is expected to rocket up to 9.2 billion people. As the amount of people increase this means that there is an increased need for housing as well as increased need for water, food, and fuel. To meet these growing needs of the american people we will need more land that can be converted into living areas, natural resources will be need to be depleted far more frequently, and greenhouse gas emissions by america will increase. Much of the United States runs on energy that is obtained from the burning of fossil fuels. The more fossil fuels we burn for energy, the more greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases trap heat and contribute to global climate changes.

I ask that you acknowledge the need for america to change its policy on environmental issues. These issues will become more relevant as time goes on, we must think about what awaits future generations of america. America needs to move forward in its effort to reduce carbon emissions, one good way is by reducing the amount of fossil fuels we use.

Thank you for considering this issue.


Roger Cajete

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