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The transition to using a cleaner energy source

Dear Next president,      While its evident that gasoline and oil industries are the most widely use nonrenewable resource in our economy and also monopolized. We as American citizens need to start thinking what are the effects of the use of these resources will have on our environment. Ever since the industrial revolution in 1790, humans have continued  to thrive in technological advancement ever since that year. However, while society was focus on those advancements, it was not looking at the greater problem globally. That problem is climate change.    For example, a conducted survey by United States Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration as well as the National Automobile Dealers Association, has released the statistical data how many American own an automobile. Its been estimated that there are 254,639,386 registered vehicles. The U.S 2010 consensus has estimated that there are 308,745,538. So by the time the U.S takes its 2020 consensus,  is going to be estimated as twice as much as we have now. If there is the rise in population, there will be an increased in more nonrenewable resources.     The path that society is taking, until the U.S 2020 consensus, every nonrenewable resource will be exhausted and finished. Mostly, because of the increase of the production of automobiles and the supply and demand for oil and gas.  Society does not have finite sources of gas, or oil. Everything is limited, and unless we do not make a transition to more cleaner renewable source of energy. There will not be a world where you could live in a free country. The environment in 2020 is already past its ecological tipping point.     By the time its 2020, there will be an increase in carbon dioxide levels, and it produce mostly in cars. Carbon dioxide is the leading contributor to the greenhouse effect, and if there more levels in carbon dioxide, our climate will reach temperatures that are not sustainable for life. Our entire troposphere, will be covered in smog and ash, because of the production and time it makes to build an automobile. Also, the amount of resources it consumes from nature to build an automobile.   The U.S government as a  whole needs to make a policy on energy. It needs to strive to find a cleaner way to make, produce and use  renewable resources. We need to ban nonrenewable resources that has the most impact on nature. Those resources should be gasoline, and oil.  However, I am not saying that we need to ban gasoline and oil now. Near the future we need to make transition from using dirty fuel, to a more cleaner fuel. So that humans do not have to rely on only gasoline and oil. Right now, we need to use whatever we have so that society can reach a solution that is not harmful for the earth. So, that we do not have a climate change.

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