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Make America Great Again

What needs to be done to pay off our debt and to keep coal mines running.

Make America Great Again

This year is the year we as Americans we will vote for a new president. You as the newly elected president is into office there's a couple things I would like him or her to take into consideration.

The first thing I'd like him or her to know is that coal mines and coal fired power plants are very important this day in age. One thing is they provide thousands of jobs in the states and communities they are placed in or have been founded. If you decide to shut them down unemployment will rise and you will have a price to pay.

Another one on this topic is the coal uses. Power plants are not releasing fossil fuels into the atmosphere. The stuff you see coming out of the tall stack is only steam. The epa’s stipulates have increased, but the epa’s stipulates have not touched the power plants in North Dakota. The epa’s rules won't come into effect North Dakota for another 10 to 15 years. According to www.eia.gov › emissions › state › analysis

we are one of the lowest to release less than 100 million metric tons. So I would ask you to veto any bill that will end coal mines and power plants.

My second request is that we make America great again. We need to pay the deficit. Pay the bills. We owe big bucks to other countries. According to http://www.usgovernmentdebt.us we are 19 trillion dollars in debt and counting. One way we could pay is stop giving handouts. What I mean by this is when other countries have or start wars we need to stop paying for other countries battles.

The economy is also very shaky here. The main thing we need to do is keep the jobs here. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Nike, General Motors, John Deere, all have jobs overseas and import them back to the U.S.A. We are talking about millions of jobs going to people who are paid little money, have no education, and are working in terrible conditions.

In conclusion you the next president will have a lot on your plate, from passing bills, fighting against terrorism. I just hope you would take my thoughts into consideration.


Dawson Bieber

Dawson Bieber

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