Peter K. Pennsylvania

Gun Violence

Gun violence is becoming a major issue today.

Dear Future President,

      Imagine that you let your kids go outside and play with the neighbors friend. Then you hear a gunshot and hurry outside to find one of your kids on the floor covered in blood. How would you feel about that? All around the country people are leaving their loved ones from gun violence. Kids, adults, seniors everyone is at danger from gun violence. If we donโ€™t stop gun violence now you might be there next victim. With all the gun shooting in tiny neighborhoods, to school shootings, guns have been a very big deal nowadays. The amount of guns on the street has increased over the years making the united states one of the most the most countrys with firearms on the streets.

    The number of people who were affected by guns increased in 2016. In the first quarter of 2016,141 people were killed, up from 82 last year. The number of shootings surged to 677 from 359 a year earlier. Total number of incident from gun violence in 2016 are 40,506. The usa has 10 times as many gun deaths per year. People who are affected by gun violence are mostly people around the age of 15 to 24. This is important because gun violence can affect younger kids in many ways. Some kids can have post traumatic stress, higher levels of anger and withdrawal. Kids who are near gun violence are most likely have some kind of part in gun violence in the future.

    The current  president and the vice president are doing everything in their hands to reduce gun violence. Now to be able to buy gun or sell gun you need to have a license to be an authorized gun seller. Also you need to do background check on everyone who buys guns from you so there won't be any criminals or mental people out there on the streets with authorized weapons from you. What can be done about reducing gun violence is by making a background check on all people who purchase a gun. This is a type of president that i want you to be, a president who takes action on this. Dear Next President, please see all the bloodbath of innocent people, your people, that you are suppose to protect from these kind of things. You need to consider that everyone is part of your family. How would you feel if one of your kids/ family member was affected by gun violence and lying cold on the floor. Make a change and decrease the gun in this infested world . I know I am not the only one who cares about this topic so out of all the kids and young adults please fix this world.


Peter K. Chhuth