Mitchell Wisconsin

The Problem with Abortion

I am here to tell you about the Pro-choice and Pro-life sides of abortion.

          Dear Next President, I am here to inform you about both sides of abortion. Abortion is a two sided argument, weather you are pro-life, which means you are for the baby to live, or pro-choice which means that you feel it is best to leave the choice of the abortion with the women. "More than 40% of all women will end a pregnancy with abortion." (Trupin) This is something many Pro life people would hate to hear because they feel all of the babies should live.  One opinion on the pro-life side is that abortion ends lives.  "Every abortion end the life of an innocent human being." (Abortion Facts) This means that they think that when you get an abortion you are ending the life of someone and that person never got a chance to do anything. One side of the pro-choice side is that "Nearly all abortions take place in the first trimester, when a fetus cannot exist independent of the mother. As it is attached by the placenta and umbilical cord, its health is dependent on her health, and cannot be regarded as a separate entity as it cannot exist outside her womb." (Lowen) This means that they think that since the fetus can't really do or think about anything yet that means that  it is ok for the women to decide to decide weather to keep the baby or have and abortion.. Now that you know a littleui from both sides, Which side will you choose?


Mitchell Schumann


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