Alex G. North Carolina

Abortion, Legal or Illegal?

This letter is about my opinion about abortion and why it should be illegal but with some exceptions.

Dear Future President,

If we look at the list of the countries where abortion is legal, the United States of America is one of those, and I'm not entirely against this since I think that the mother, depending on her own situation and I reiterate, depending on her own situation, should have the right to choose between having the baby or not having the baby.

On the one hand, I would like to explain why I don’t support the freedom of abortion for everyone. I don’t, because after reading scientific articles about how the fetus grows inside the mother I have realized what a human being is like in the first three months of life in the belly, the time that a woman has to abort. According to an article of the fetus development from BabyCenter, in this time the baby has fingers, like you, the baby has feet, like you, the baby has reflexes, like you, the baby has organs in function, like you, and the baby has a life, like you.

Therefore, as I said before, I disagree with abortion without a strong and justified reason, because through abortion you are stealing an innocent life that has the same rights to live as you, because me, you and every single person in this world has been in the belly of her mom, and we are here because she decided to give us a life, but what would happened if she decided to stop the pregnancy? Would you be here, living? The answer I think is clear, no.

Despite this, I totally respect people who agree that abortion should be free because as humans beings, each one has her or his own beliefs and I also understand the Pro Life side who is against abortion without any exception, because like them, I see the life in the defenseless baby.

On the other hand, even it can sound contradictory, I believe that a woman, in specific cases, should be able to decide, because the baby, despite being innocent, sometimes can be dangerous for the physical or mental health of the pregnant.

As the Si Mujer Foundation wrote, when a woman is raped, it affects her in her personal, social, sexual and existential integrity. Furthermore, it alters her history and her future life projects. But the confirmation of the pregnancy is a critical stage that becomes another intense emotional shock. For all these reasons and also because the women didn’t decide or made something by choice to get pregnant, she should be able to decide what to do.

I also think that it should be a right not only when the pregnancy is because of a rape, but also when the mother and the baby, wanted or unwanted, are in danger since according to The National Library of the USA, during the pregnancy some diseases, such as heart diseases, arterial hypertension, renal problems, autoimmune disorders, sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, cancer or infections, can debilitate them and both can die, which would be pernicious. So in my opinion, I think is better at least to save one of the lives.

When, for me, abortion should not be allowed, is when, for example, since you don’t get pregnant by divine power, if a woman decides to have sexual intercourse without any protection, which will curtail the risk of pregnancy, if she gets pregnant it’s her fault and she has the duty to have and love the baby, or give him or her in adoption, but adoption is another subject that I won’t speak about today.

As I was able to see on the video Choosing Thomas Inside a Family's Decision to Let Their Son Live if Only for a Brief Time, published the 28th of October of 2014, when the doctors realize that the baby has a disease that will end with her or his in life in the belly or some days after being born, the parents have to make the decision of continuing or not continuing. In this situation, the family of the video decided to continue, even as the doctors try to induce them to abort, but they decided to give her son the opportunity of seeing a world full of love for him, even if it’s a transient life. In this specific situation, I think women should have the right to decide.

So, this is my opinion, babies have the right to live, but sometimes when it becomes dangerous to the woman, she should have the right to abort.