Gabriel C.

How immigration really is, and how we can help.

Many things happen that we need to help out as much as we can.

Dear President,

Although I’m not into political things, there has always been a topic that I paid special interest to. Immigration is something that can’t be ignored, and illegal immigration is something that must be helped.

Every year thousands try to cross the border illegally, through the land or through the sea. To me, it is always heartbreaking to see all the families that waste so much just to try to come to the USA where the just get thrown back to their own countries. For example, there once was a mother with two children that played all they had to try to get over here and then their guide leaves them when they are 50 meters from the border itself. As the motorbikes are passing imagine what they were thinking, especially the mother, just trying to provide a better life for her children. They had to duck down in a hole to try to be ignored by the border patrol but a man sees them as he gets closer he hears the crying of the children and the mother he didn’t have the heart to send them back he turned his back on them and he told them to be quiet as the other bike passes. That is a story told to me by a border patrol, that was his story where he had forgotten what his job was about and saw the human thing to do.

I would like to ask the president, what does he/she plan to do. It is isn’t a small problem either. Yearly about 12.2 million immigrants come to the united states and that is only counting the legal people. I myself only being thirteen have known many people who had gotten here illegally, for example, my closest uncle was illegal but, he was deported back to Mexico even though he had everything here. They dropped him off in Tijuana where had to make his way with little money all the way to Guatemala. This is an example of many where people are taken from their homes and thrown into another country. What do you plan to do Mr. President?

Not only does it have an effect on the population and families there is also economic changes that can happen because of immigrants. If we were to take away illegal immigrants at a steady rate for the next year, the income of the US would drop by 250 billion every year. These people earn a yearly income of about 24,721 dollars, 10,334 go to taxes. Which leaves them with $14,387, wich then they use to feed and home their families. These immigrants are a key part of the US for labor work. They have a positive effect on the US with their taxes. Although some people may see it sad that they make such little money, but it can be much more than they had earned in their home countries such as Cuba or Mexico.

I can only propose the idea of maybe lowering the years needed to become a citizen or lower the cost of visas and green cards so poor families can come over here and make something better than they have in their lives. Or even hand out more visas for work. I know none of these are small feats either but are you willing to do the difficult job? I also know that in order to do that it is a hard to even get the law passed the House and Senate.

It is all up to you Mr. President, are you willing to do the human thing or keep going as we normally do where every week people cross dangerous terrains to become their dream, an American citizen.