Matthew S. California

The Fear of Terror

This letter discusses the importance of keeping our citizens safe from this new threat to the world known as ISIS.

Dear, Mr./Mrs. President

I write to you in a time of great uncertainty where many civilians in the world are scared and unsure of their future. I write to you in the hopes that you will see how this fear has struck far and wide with heavy implications on increasing amounts of good people. The fear is not caused by material items such as money or drugs but rather these fears are rooted in moral injustice around the globe. This injustice is more commonly known as Terrorism.

Now I know that there are many who disagree with the previous statements I've made and would rather say that the economy or education are bigger issues than terrorism, but, a recent poll conducted by The New York Times/CBS shows that the fear of a terrorist attack has risen and is at its highest since 9/11(Elvis Picardo, Issues like the economy are large problems in our country but since when have we decided that money is more important than the security of our innocence? We need to prioritize keeping the citizens of our great nation safe and the only way to assure that is to wipe out this uprising known as ISIS.

While we're talking about keeping citizens safe, let's talk about the many innocence we and many allied nations were unable to save due to the surprise attacks of recent. 49 dead in Orlando, 14 dead in San Bernardino, 130 dead last November in France and many more dead or injured since. We(as in us and our allied nations)have a responsibility to the people of our countries. The responsibility we must own up to is to protect and serve our people. If we can't do so then why do we claim to be "America The Great".

The first step to solving a problem is knowing what the problem is. The attacks that have claimed many lives in the current times have all been sprung from the radical islamic movement known as ISIS. This movement has a belief that if they commit suicide while taking as many "enemies" with them as possible, it is a great service to the god they worship. Now while many of the lives I've discussed have been taken due to suicide bombings and armed attacks culminating with their deaths, that is not the only thing they have done since they've begun. They have taken over and terrorized the people of Syria in the middle of the recent civil war taking place.

This threat has grown bigger than we should of let it and because of that, families all around the world have to grieve over the lost of their loved ones. This takes me back to when I first saw the damage of a terrorist attack in 9/11 news footage. The planes striking the towers, the people running from the fear, the brave that ran towards it and how many of both lost their lives due to such evil intentions in the name of their belief. As I recall these events, I see many similarities in the current events except for one; where are the brave? Are they hiding? Are they scared? Are they no longer there? I ask all these questions but really all I'm asking is what happened to the Home of the Brave that is also known as America?

We have lost the courage that was once the driving force for everyone here. We have lost the sense of duty to protect the world being one of the strongest powers in the world. We have forgotten just how big of a threat these uprisings can be if we don't take action. Terrorism is the most important issue to not only this country, but also the world because it threatens the lives of many innocent civilians and creates uneasiness for the rest of the people who hear about it. Technically speaking, it affects us all no matter where of who you are.


Matthew S.