Alden K. Washington

Abortions Good Side

Learn from me, a 14 year old boy from Seattle, who knows more than the average adult on the positive effects of abortion.

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

Children are the future, but the way were heading we won’t have a future, due to the rise in population it is predicted that by 2050 there will be 10 billion people in the world. The earth needs 51% of the available land to produce enough food and oxygen to support 8 billion people with unvarying stability. This is why abortion needs to be supported.

Some people have points about the amount of children that were never born and the contributions they could have made to society, for example "50 million lives would have made? Perhaps one of those aborted could have found a way to cure AIDS, cancer, or asthma, just to name a few.” (Mitch Benah) this is true, but their other contributions would be that they hurt the environment or people.

There are about 40-50 million abortions per year. This number could triple if some religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, or Islam supported abortion.about one half of people who have unwanted pregnancies or want to have an abortion, don't get abortions because of religious regions. It is important to do  what you want regardless of religion, family, or anyone else because it is not their child. According to some “abortion ends the life of an innocent human being” (Daniel W. Kucera) yet according to law “a child is not alive until they can feel stimulus and react to it” (Kelly Bates, The Free Dictionary). This shows that this fact is in fact wrong because a life was never ended.

People not getting abortions because they don’t know the effects. People need to be better educated on birth control and the environmental effects of having children. This is a problem that will eventually result in population increase and resource exhaustion. Most of this due to the longer life span of humans, increased fertility, and lack of sexual awareness. All of these factors contribute to the dangerous rise in population and must be stopped.

To wrap this up I believe that abortion must be supported if the human race wants to survive for many more generations. This can be achieved by openly talking about the issue to people and the misconceptions about abortion can be addressed.


Alden T. Kirby

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