Charles D. Louisiana

Illegal Immigration

Immigration should be stopped.

Charlie D.

With over 11 million immigrants in the U.S. (illegal immigrants). The problem with illegal immigration sustain to tear America apart. Accordingly, illegal immigration is very bad for the United States. People that are against illegal immigration say that whoever breaks the law by crossing the U.S. border should be deported and not rewarded with being a citizen.

Since so many (illegal) immigrants are coming to America there are less jobs for U.S. citizens. Those immigrants are taking advantage of our rights of a U.S. citizen. That makes it unfair for them because they are not even citizens! Since there is 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. and they are taking jobs and rights as an advantage. I think the U.S. should ban illegal immigration and shouldn’t let immigrant stay out.

People should not be told to sacrifice their money to support those who have entered this country illegally. The tax payers are paying Medicaid, welfare, and college tuition for them. Therefore, the government should not allow immigrants to come to America.

Since there are illegal immigrants in America I think they should be deported. Because of them we have fewer jobs, and they are taking our taxes. If we don’t stop illegal immigration we, as citizens, will lose hard-earned and not be able to afford for our families.

Sincerely yours

Charlie D.