Nanette Z. Georgia


A letter for the future president about abortion.

Dear Future President,

No one knows what it’s like to have a child except for pregnant women or mothers. It’s a very tough and difficult period in a woman’s life. Abortion is a very stressful and personal decision for a woman to make ,and it should be her decision to make. Neither the government or a man should interfere.

The big issue is if the government should interfere with abortions. Fox news states, “ Of the 1.6 million abortions performed in the U.S each year, 91 percent are performed during the first trimester (12 or fewer weeks’ gestation); 9 percent are performed in the second trimester (24 or fewer weeks’ gestation); and only about 100 are performed in the third trimester(more than 24 weeks gestation), approximately point one percent of all abortions performed,”. Majority of those abortions are when the baby is still classified as an embryo or fetus. The child doesn’t have muscles or pores only a hart and genetic DNA. Anything before is those 12 weeks is just a fertilized egg or cells being divided. Technically the baby isn’t even a child yet ,and the mother isn’t killing anything. Of the point one percent of women who do it before the birth of the child is either for medical reasons or other reasons that the government shouldn’t interfere with. Hey wake up! Women are raped and abused on the daily and not every girl has a superman to save them from that!

Some women are in abusive relationships. They do not want to have a child with a man who has tortured her physically , mentally, or emotionally. There should be an organization that helps fund mothers who can’t afford to care for their child. Sometimes the woman does want the child ,but can’t because of money this could help fix that issue. Women should be able to communicate with each other online, on a hotline, or even a club about abortion and abusive relationships. This could help women emotionally or mentally who have given or been forced to give up their child. This could also help women make the decision if they want an abortion or not.

Yes, birth control and condoms are used to prevent having a child, but sometimes things just happen to fast we’re only human. During sex the condom could possibly break or slip off. We all forget sometimes. People can be do crazy things when they’re drunk ,some people also forget the condom it happens it’s life. Who wants to have a child with a stranger or someone they regret having sex with? Who wants to be forced to have the baby when they don’t want to or make the child suffer? No one. Most women do want to have a child ,but at the right time ,but at the right time . , “ Women experienced decreasing emotional intensity ever time ,and the overwhelming majority of women felt that termination was the right decision for them over years. Emotional support maybe beneficial for women having abortions who report intended pregnancies or difficulty deciding,” it is a hard and difficult decision. But his makes them stronger, smarter, and someone’s hero at the end of the day.

Women who abort their babies are not murderers. Abortion is a decision; a woman’s decision and hers alone. This is the United States of America ,if we stand, untied woman can and should be able to make the decision to abort their baby own.


 Nanette Z.