priscilla16 California


Wanting to live the American dream.

Dear future president,

Here in the United states we see thousands of undocumented people just trying to get by. Building a wall will be pointless. Having immigrants here in the US does not just have its downs but it has many benefits.

When you drive by strawberry fields and see immigrants, not all of them are illegal but many of them are. Majority of them work in agriculture because it's to hard to find a decent job without being legal to support their family. Many people come here to be somebody and to have another chance at a good life. By building a wall, those dreams are ruined.

The United States claims to be a free country where dreams come true and we make all lives better. They promise to help people become somebody. I believe we shouldn't chase down or kill illegal immigrants because they came to the United States to live a better life or to give their children a better life to live. I feel like we should give them an opportunity. There are so many promises yet none of them come true because of our race. By building a wall we are separating people and their families and being separating from your family is really hard.

By letting immigrants in it can help their kids have a better life and they'll be able to become lawyers, doctors, electricians, etc and it can help our economy become richer. 

Sincerely, Priscilla