Megan California

Police Brutality

Something needs to be done. The topic of police brutality certainly needs to be discussed and changed to better protect the people and the police officers of the U.S.

Dear Next President,

Police brutality is a topic that is often scattered across news headlines and seems to reoccur all the time. This issue has become well known to the public; however, little action has been taken to solve this issue. Often, families are left to pick up the pieces after one of their loved ones experiences this brutality, with little to no compensation or justice. Some police officers even escape the situation with no consequences despite the actions inflicted on innocent people. Few people realize the lack of support for families who endure this brutality-- therefore this topic needs to be brought to the attention of higher authority.

When discussing the issue of police brutality, some believe that police officers are simply doing their job and protecting themselves from danger. Few people realize the benefits and importance of having police officers in the world. Many assume they are always out to get people and almost appear to be robotic with their actions. Police officers are humans, just like everyone else, which means they have families and people that they care about. When on duty, police officers aim to protect the public, but they also have to protect themselves, which could lead to regretful actions under intense pressure.

On the other hand, some believe that police officers get away with their damaging actions and blame everything on their overpowering authority. There are countless cases that involve innocent people suffering from the actions of a police officer. I believe it is important to find a balance between these two opposing views of police officers and establish a line defining fair and necessary actions of police officers.

People should be better influenced to make good choices and learn the proper conduct when encountering police officers. Police officers should also undergo more thorough examination and training on how to handle specific situations. Most of the time, police officers do not know what to expect when approaching a situation and need to be prepared to handle whatever they are faced with. Considering that it takes just two years to become a police officer, the training could be intensified to better prevent incidents of police brutality. 

The topic of police brutality certainly needs to be discussed and changed to better protect the people and the police officers of the U.S. I believe that adjustments in the law enforcement training as well as informing the public of the proper conduct when encountering police officers will minimize the issues of police brutality. With this minimized conflict, police officers with also be viewed in a more positive manner, ultimately creating a safer environment for both sides of the controversy. Ultimately, police brutality must be recognized and taken care of to please the people and maintain the safety of our police officers. 

Sincerely, Megan

Newbury Park High School

English 11IB period 2B

High school English IB course

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