John P. Massachusetts

Getting ready for the real world

Dear future president, Good-evening President Good job at becoming president and thanks for your getting that far and reaching the job, you participated for. I am writing this to share my opinion on the school system's way of getting children ready. I think the way the school systems get the next generation ready for the real world is incorrect and or needs to be worked on. I think the homework that is given to children doesn't really help them, all it does is that it makes children tired and takes all the fun away from the classroom. It is “simply busy work” that makes learning “a chore rather than a positive, constructive experience.” Which is from Nancy Kalish, author of “The Case Against Homework: How Homework is Hurting Our Children who shares the same think as I. Many tests have been done showing how it doesn't help no make any difference. What I believe should be done in school systems is that students should be to choose what they want to learn or study because every student is different and has different dreams they want to follow or do. I also think students should be able to take homework if they want to as if it's a review at home instead of being something that is needed and everyone needs too do. Some may think allowing students to pick what they want to do will make certain subjects dry or not have anyone pick it but that's not true because their will always be someone who wants to learn it because they love that subject or they are just cautious about the subject. The way people are taught today only can cause children to develop depression and can make children be detached from the community and feel like nothing can be helped that's why I think children should have a little more leeway because it can make that child or children feel trapped and tired. And if homework is really needed I believe is should not be projects that take long time to do or homework that is really hard and makes you need to ask for help, I think it should be very simple like a fun puzzle or review like I said. This is what I think should be done to the school system to fix the problem of students becoming detached to the community and getting depressed. -John Prescott