eyleen California


Immigrants are unfairly viewed in a negative way.


Dear future president,

          Becoming the next president of the United States is a great privilege that comes with great responsibilities, like having to look into social and political issues and having to create a solution to fix them. One of these issues that has been around for decades is immigration. People are immigrating to the United States in hopes of finding better opportunities, jobs, and education or to escape the violence and prejudice of their countries. These immigrants are coming from all over the world, some legally while other illegally. The problem isn't the immigrants arriving in the U.S , it's that despite fleeing their situation they aren't receiving any help when they arrive.

          Illegal immigrants come to the U.S. with high hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Since illegal immigrants come in hopes of a better life or to escape their countries, they are forced to flee their homes as quickly as possible at any cost. Some illegal immigrants enter the U.S legally but overstay their visa, while others sneak into the U.S. illegally. An estimate of 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants were present in the U.S as of 2014, gradually having increased since the late 1900s. The problem we have here is that illegal immigration has been around for decades, yet the U.S government has failed to fix or improve the situation. Millions are turning to the U.S. for help and view it as their only way to change their life. According to Race Forward, some families have waited up to twenty years to have their visas approved to be able to enter the United States legally. Families and individuals cannot be waiting up to twenty years to come to the U.S. especially if they are running away from the dangers of their countries.

          According to the U.S Department of Homeland Security, there are about 2, 830, 000 undocumented immigrants living in California. One in every ten residents is an undocumented immigrant. These immigrants are living in poverty and are receiving little to no help at all. The amount of immigrants here in Los Angeles is high which shows how much our community is affected by immigrants. They have made this community what it is right now. Taking any actions against these immigrants would drastically change the community as well as the country. People are coming to the U.S. to help themselves and their families but cannot do it the correct legal way. They cannot keep waiting twenty or more years to be able to come or to receive any help for themselves. The U.S. needs to fix their system and come up with an effective solution to be able to help the people seeking a better life.