Christopher V. California

Police Brutality

Many African Americans in the U.S. are starting to die due to the disastrous actions of the police.

Dear Mr/Mrs. President 

Police brutality refers to the authorities having too much power over the people and the punishment is unnecessary. There are many who are brutally attacked by the police even when they're not doing anything. Although some people may say that police are saving lives, in actuality other policemen are starting to kill African Americans even if the crime was minor.

First of all, Police Brutality is a huge issue in the U.S. since it doesn't give equal rights to African Americans. For example, many African Americans are being killed even if the crime committed is minor. Sometimes the officer who kills the African American is not charged for the crime. For example, there are many videos online where it shows a policeman shooting and killing men due to minor actions that aren't hazardous. This disastrous behavior leads to movements by the African Americans or even bigger tensions between the people and the police.

Finally, without any solutions the problems will eventually grow at an exponential rate. Evidence that police brutality is a huge issue in America is stated in the text of, "Police Brutality and Race" where it says, "Several police shootings of African Americans were caught on cell phones videos" (Gale Student Resources in Context, Gale, 2016). Another example of Police Brutality would be the case of Tamir Rice who was a twelve year old boy who got shot for playing with a toy gun and in the end the policemen were not charged for anything. This shows that no matter how old the person is, cops will shoot them on sight if they are an African American citizen. If these brutal actions continue throughout society then racism would increase and more shootings would appear. 

In Conclusion, these pieces of evidence and stories just prove how cruel policemen are nowadays. Whether the person is five years old or even ten years old, cops will shoot if  they are African American. How could humanity live in a world that has cops shooting at innocent citizens that are having fun and aren't doing anything wrong. 


Christopher V.