jacob a. North Carolina

Is our world becoming safer?

My article is about the problems that are going on right know in our world like the problem with isis.

Dear president of america i would like to talk to you about all the dangerous and tragic thing happening in the world currently and there’s barely anyone doing anything about it fish are dying because people are dumping trash into the ocean and oil is being spilled there is a bunch of problem with isis i think if we were to bomb isis we would just start a very nuclear and deadly war.

There are gun shooting going around america and a lot of people are dying because of it i don't think we should give it to people if they have like anger issues or have a criminal record because they would most likely be the won to start a gunfight or rob a person for no reason but i don't think thank we should take it away because there are a lot of people who use them to hunt

You are probably wondering why there are all these fish dying for no reason well the reason is you people are killing more and more fish every year when dumping trash into ocean and lake there are also oil spills that are worse than the trash by now there's probably more dead fish than living fish in the ocean i think we need to stop this throwing trash into the ocean and i kinda wish theres was a better way to carry oil across the ocean

Even though i already mentioned this what are you gonna do about isis because they have killed a lot of innocent civilians they have cause a lot of damage to are cities and building they done millions of dollars of damage we have lost a lot of great people because of what they have done now they are doing it in syria leaving behind I.E.D (improvised.explosive.device)and there are people walking and riding over them a lot of families are losing their family members over them but they are also burning oil and stuff making the people try to survive why they are choking on the smoke people are trying to stop this fire and there suffering too.

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