Nathan Wisconsin

Allowing Personal Weapons in the U.S. is a Bad Decision

Personal weapons in the U.S. should not be allowed.

Dear Future President,

One of the bigger controversies we have facing our country today would be the right to bear arms or not. Allowing people the right to carry personal weapons wherever they go would not be the best decision for our country for multiple reasons. The first reason would be that allowing personal weapons such as guns would increase the chance of crime in the U.S. If people are allowed to carry guns around with them, just like they are now, there is a greater chance of murder or mass shootings in the U.S. Studies show that the majority of Americans would agree with the fact that with allowing weapons increases the chance of mass murders in the U.S. Another reason why personal weapons should be banned would be that if we disallowed the use of personal weapons in the U.S., the chance of mass shootings or confrontation with others would decrease. With this, the majority of Americans agree with reducing the use of personal weapons. Also, many Americans think that we should run background checks on those who are wanting to own a gun. By running background checks we would reduce the chance of someone bad coming into the U.S and using our weapons to hurt us. Finally, I think that no one should be able to carry big assault rifles wherever they go. What I mean is, why would someone need to carry a big rifle or AK-47 with them everywhere they go? No one needs that. Some say that they would carry that around with them for protection, but I think that we need to start trusting our fellow police officers and our army to keep us safe. In conclusion, not allowing guns in the U.S. would help reduce the amount of crime, confrontation, and issues within each other.

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