Mariyah Oregon

Police Brutality

Police need to be trained to protect people--not hurt them everyday.

Dear Future President,

In this country there is a lot of police brutality every day. People lose their family for unnecessary reasons. A lot of people don’t feel safe around police because of police brutality. For example, on September 15, 2016 a thirteen year old boy named Tyre King died because a cop shot him. He got shot in Columbus, Ohio. Why? Because the police officer thought he saw a gun, but Tyre King had a BB gun.

Therefore, I think you should train the police to talk to the person one-on-one instead of taking action right away. Big scenes will scare the person to do something bad, so it needs to be carefully done. The officer needs to know what’s really happening. Lots of people are getting hurt every day because police are too quick to use deadly force. This police brutality has been happening all across America. This police brutality needs to stop fast.

Sincerely, Mariyah