Steven A. Georgia

Police Misconduct

Police misconduct/brutality has become a problem in 2016 and must be stopped.

Dear Future President,

          Police misconduct and brutality is becoming a bigger problem in 2016. This seems to be happening all over the country with the most recent being in South Carolina. Police misconduct can be drinking or sleeping during the job, unnecessary use of force, and straight up just breaking the law with no purpose. There are very few solutions to for this issue but there can and should be a solution for this. The problem has been noticed all throughout the world and I hope you can do something about it.

          The solution for police misconduct can sound simple but there will still be reports about police misbehavior/conduct. Body cameras can reduce the reports of this. The only thing about this is police officers that have cameras with them can simply turn them off. This has already been tested and officers were still misbehaving. A clip that has been shown on the internet shows a police officer shooting at a male while he was getting out of his car doing as the officer gestured. Body cameras can stop various injuries and deaths caused by police officers. If this is enforced and required by law it can stop many officers from attempting to sleep, break the law, use of excessive force, and other misconduct.

          Body cameras are still not going to solve the problem because there will still be officers shooting a citizen that was not doing anything against the law and other misconduct. Training can also be a solution, and if you train a police officer to cease fire until threatened or in a hostile situation it can prevent injuries and deaths. Cops can have more control of their daily jobs without feeling threatened. They can have control of different situations. Body cameras and training can prepare a cop for their job and they wonโ€™t misconduct.

          In conclusion Police officers can misbehave during their work hours but with body cameras and training it can reduce the rate in which citizens are killed by police officers. The- Body cameras can help by putting a cop in a hesitant situation. Training a cop can help him/her handle a situation without being threatened by a citizen. Future president please look into this issue in the future.


                                                                                                                                                                      Steven A