Tyler M. Minnesota

Issues at the border!

We need to focus more on the real issues that come with immigration

Dear Future President,

I have done lots of research and reading on immigration. This research cultured me about countless personal immigration stories. This gave me a very good insight about our countries immigration issues. I’m not saying that I am an expert, but I do have a strong opinion. Immigration is one of the most talked about issues in this upcoming election. Ergo, this should be one of the first major changes that you make as president. There are many issues about immigration

I believe that the main issue of immigration, especially in today’s modern politics, is the affect of immigration on the job market. Many people believe that if we don’t deport the illegal immigrants, then they will steal our jobs. However, according to Forbes Magazine, immigrants actually raise our wages. When immigrants come to our country, they don’t take the high end jobs that we want, like doctors or lawyers. They take the low jobs that pay little to nothing. It is not an issue that we need to worry so much about, and I hope you will respond to it accordingly.

If the main issues are related to how they affect Americans, then we should stop the problem at the source, that way; it won’t affect our lives as much. People are fleeing to America because of how hard their lives are in their country. Then, they are taking the low-education jobs in America. We could solve this problem by providing stronger education to those countries. Instead of spending 5 billion dollars a year on deportation, we could use that money to fund the education system in the countries that need it. That way, it can boost their economy and people will no longer have to look to America for hope, they will be able to find it in their own countries.


Tyler M.