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I am a resident of Miami FL and I am writing because I am very concern about the gun control in this country and would like to know how you would you solve this problem.

There has been hundreds of shootings in clubs, schools, and mall over the past year. So why not put metal detectors at all these places to make them safer so no one can walk in with a weapon. It will eliminate a lot of attacks and would save a lot of lives. Many people believe that this would have a great impact. One of the strong arguments against it is that it would cost a lot of money to put these metal detectors everywhere. But we could use tax money.

I believe that this is one of the biggest problem our country is facing right now. It is a problem and a danger for everyone of all ages. To be honest there most likely is more ways to fix this problem but I believe that this is the most efficient because it is fast and on the spot. These are places that are filled with people everyday and no one can be sure if anyone has anything that can hurt or kill them.

Specifically I am writing to ask you what you are going to do to fix this issue and if you could take into consideration of the metal detectors. If you worked with gun control agencies and taxes it would not be so hard to fix this issue.

Thank you for considering this issue.


Maria Coyradas

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