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Gun Violence and the Presidency

We need to try and prevent gun violence.

Dear Next President,

My name is Sara and I am a senior in high school, and I am writing to you about gun violence. This topic is important to me because there is so much going on around that world with innocent people getting killed for no reason. This needs to be stopped. According to the Brady Campaign, which is an organization to try to prevent this from happening more and more year each. in one year on an average over 111,000 people are shot by people who are carrying guns that should not have them, assaults, suicides, and unintentional shootings. Only 78,815 people survive their gun injuries. This concerns me a lot because it’s so sad to keep hearing about the killings that is caused by guns. It seems like it is for no reason and if something was done about guns, there maybe would be fewer tragedies.

My purpose to for writing this to you is for something to be done about enforcing the laws for the people who carry a gun. According to Michael Brendan who wrote the article “The Conservative Case for Reforming America’s Sick Gun Culture” for The Week , on August 26, 2015 a man shot two people. It has gotten to the point where they are shooting right on live television. Many people all around the world wondered why this man in Virginia shot these people. Did he have a health problem that got to his head? Was he just a person who killed for no reason? After the police did more investigation on this incident they comes to find out that he wasn’t supposed to have a gun due to his illness that he had. The people who live in Virginia are only taking a test that states the following “ Do you have enough cash or credit”? That is not a good way to be allowed to carry a gun. Many people who live there want the test to change because they feel it’s not enough to find out if it is safe. They want a actually test to show that you are a reasonable person to have a gun with you at all time. Furthermore David Frum writes for The Atlantic and he finds out that a lot of people who took the test had either lost someone that they were friends with or family member so they really want the law to be enforced. They also say that most of the mass killers have shared one quality with each other and with every other American besides easy access to deadly weapons. They think that enforcing laws against prohibiting certain gun buyers will be a good idea and will protect a lot of people that are not doing anything wrong.

I think whoever the next president is he or she should change the laws on how to be able to carry and buy a gun. The test needs to be harder and they should check on their records. I say this because many people have criminal records that they don’t even look at and have guns with them. If the law is enforced maybe the gun violence rate will go down and not so much will happen anymore.



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